The beautiful birth of Charlotte

The beautiful birth of Charlotte

On 22nd February my husband delivered or should I say 'caught' our gorgeous little Charlotte at home. I was 41+3. She weighed 7lb 9oz.

After a 10 hour painful birth with my first child I decided to try hypnobirthing. My husband and I completed a Babies in Waiting antenatal course with Karen in Hockley and it wasn't until this course that I even considered a home birth but after everything I learnt I understood why home was the best place.

At around 4:30pm I began getting twinges and an uncomfortable feeling and thought things might be starting. When my husband got home from work he made a roast dinner and we then went for a walk with our 4 year old and our dog. I was walking so slow and it was really uncomfortable but I still managed to laugh at my son doing tricks on his scooter!

At 8pm ish I had a surge which made me bend over and my husband took my step son to my parents house meanwhile my 4 year old stayed with me as he said he wanted to and after reading a lot about younger siblings being present I didn't push for him to go to my sister's house.

I ran a bath and told my 4 year old that it was just a mummy bath but before long he had his clothes off and was in. I explained that I didn't have control of my bowel (ie mummy might do a poo) and he jumped out the bath saying he wanted to go to his Aunt’s house! Lol! My sister came and left about 9pm.

I was scared and messaged Karen my Babies in Waiting teacher and she sent me the best reassuring messages.

My husband returned at 9:15pm and I was bent over the upstairs toilet having severe surges and only about 4 minutes apart. My husband phoned the hospital. I spoke to a midwife & explained I had done a hypnobirthing course & was in active labour. She told my husband the midwives were going to come to our home.

I didn't want to give birth looking at a toilet so in between surges I managed to walk into Charlotte's room where I had stored all my affirmations, visual aids and fairy lights in her future cot.

I put my knees on the shower curtain I had laid out earlier, bent over a chair and held onto the back. I relaxed as much as possible but during the surges I was gripping the chair and tapping my toes on the floor. They were so intense. My husband tried to comfort me by talking but I had to tell him to stop. When I birth it has to be silent otherwise being in the 'now" intensifies the feeling for me.

In between surges I had to remind myself to relax & not to worry or tense up about the next surge. This is something I did not do well enough in my first birth. Actually relaxing between surges really helped this time.

Amazingly I actually nodded off between surges and awoke suddenly when my husband spoke to me - he was only trying to help bless him! I wasn't best pleased though! If someone had told me before the birth that I'd fall asleep in between surges I would never have believed them!

The best thing my husband did which definitely released oxytocin was kiss the back of my arm. It worked really well for me.

I really felt a sense of control and peace for the birth. I was actually not looking forward to the midwives arriving and 'intruding' on my space after all you never quite know what personality would walk through the door!

At 10:34pm my husband threw the phone on the floor as a midwife was talking to him (he rung her minutes before saying it was imminent), and out came Charlotte into my husband's hands! He had already reassured me he was a good goaly! He was worried as she had the cord round her neck but I unwrapped it easily. He handed her to me.
We couldn't quite believe what had just happened and how quick.

The midwives arrived 10 minutes later (i wish it had been a bit later for our family golden time) & helped get the placenta out which came out easily on the loo. They did all the necessary checks and left at about 12:30am.

I was so relieved that I did it! It was just how I wanted it. I was in such a great mindset and no one told me what to do, I just let my body do what it had to do and tried to relax my mind.

I had to share my story as reading all the positive home births was one of the key things that helped me know I could do it and helped my subconscious become at ease with it all. Having Karen’s support from 5 months onwards for birthing and personal issues was so comforting also.

If you are pregnant reading this.... i wish you well. If I can do it so can you! X

The only thing I could have done better was to have breathed through the surge
I probably only did this effectively for the last 15 minutes of labour and it made such difference to the intensity.