Emily - Braintree

Pregnancy is one of the most special times of your life. How you feel during this time is so important not only for you but also because of the direct influence it has on your developing baby. If a woman is calm and relaxed then the baby is going to feel calm and relaxed. Babies in Waiting are passionate about ensuring that a pregnant woman feels nurtured, empowered and supported. We offer weekly relaxation sessions and a comprehensive antenatal course to educate, inform and inspire during the wonderful time of pregnancy. We like to create a positive bubble around an expectant couple and be a source of ongoing support along the journey towards meeting their baby.

My passion for supporting others during pregnancy and birth comes from my own four amazing home births. I have three sons and a daughter. Each of my experiences was wonderful in their own way. My four natural births proved to me how strong the female body is and how amazingly capable we are when our minds are in the right place and we have techniques to support us. I would love to share those techniques with you! If you would like a calm, confident pregnancy and birth then please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask me further questions or book your place.