Frequently Asked Questions

Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing

Firstly you will explore why there is so much negativity surrounding birth and why so many people fear it. Unfortunately newspapers, soap operas and reality TV shows have sensationalised. Often horror stories regarding labour are shared by well meaning friends and family members instead of the beauty of birth. Babies in Waiting will teach you how fear of birth can negatively impact the body during labour. You will learn relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to help you enjoy your pregnancy more and prepare for your amazing birth experience. By the end of the course, you will have thought about your options regarding your place of birth, birth support and birth plan. Your birth partner will be more aware of their role during labour and birth and how to support you. The course empowers couples to plan calm, confident and beautiful birth experiences.

Yes definitely. If for any reason you are unable to attend a session then please arrange a catch up session with your Babies in Waiting teacher.

You will be given a Babies in Waiting journal and MP3s for all of the relaxation scripts used on the course.

In order to book your place on the course, email or call the appropriate teacher that covers the area that you live in.
They will be able to tell you more about their class times, dates and location.
Alternatively contact and we can put you in touch with the relevant teacher.
You will be asked to make payment for the course and that will secure your place.

While reading a book certainly can change some attitudes and provide important information, it is not nearly as beneficial or successful as attending a four week course.
Firstly, the opportunity to listen to a teacher and interact with them is an extremely valuable process. You can personalise your experience by asking questions about your particular pregnancy. Our courses are also designed for a range of different learning styles. Secondly, it takes times to recondition the subconscious and to internalise the techniques. This is why we hold our courses over four weeks. Lastly, the ongoing support that you receive from your Babies in Waiting teacher throughout your pregnancy and beyond makes all the difference to boosting your positivity and confidence.

Yes definitely. This course is designed for both parents.

The optimum time to start the course is around 20 weeks pregnant. This gives you plenty of chance to recondition the subconscious and practise the techniques. If however you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, please do not worry you have not left it too late. Your Babies in Waiting teacher will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Babies in Waiting Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

Anything that you feel comfortable in. Pillows and blankets will also be provided.

You will be invited to talk to the other expectant Mummies about the theme of the week and how you have felt during your pregnancy. If you do not wish to participate it is absolutely fine. After some conscious off loading time, you will be asked to get comfortable, close your eyes and listen to the relaxation script. While you are relaxed, your baby receives your endorphins (happy hormones). You will also be taking on board positive suggestions subconsciously to support your pregnancy.

A block of four sessions is £40 and from 37 weeks it is £10 pay as you go.

Contact the teacher that covers the area that you live in. If you are uncertain of who this is, please get in touch with The relevant teacher will take payment from you in order to secure your place on the sessions.