Hypnobirthing Classes


Giving birth is a life-changing event. Choose to make your baby’s journey into the world beautiful.

The Babies in Waiting, Hypnobirthing Course is a tried and tested antenatal program. The course teaches you how to eliminate fear during pregnancy and plan for a comfortable labour and birth.

Our Hypnobirthing course is 4 sessions each lasting 2 ½ hours. Our group sessions are no more than 5 couples and costs £250 (£280 for London locations). Private sessions are also available in your own home or at our locations. The course cost includes our bespoke Babies in Waiting, Hypnobirthing journal, exclusive pregnancy relaxation download, refreshments throughout the course and ongoing support.

Pregnancy Relaxation

Regular relaxation is vital during pregnancy. If a pregnant Mum is relaxed then the baby will be too which is really beneficial for their physical and emotional development. Our unique Babies in Waiting, Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions are the perfect opportunity to reflect and bond with baby whilst also releasing any anxieties and boosting confidence.

All expectant Mums are welcome to attend our one-hour, weekly sessions and can start attending at anytime during pregnancy. Each session has been written by a clinical Hypnotherapist and has a specific focus to enable you to enjoy thinking about a particular aspect of your pregnancy, birth and motherhood. A block of four sessions costs £40 or from 37 weeks pregnant it is £10 per session.

Mother and Baby Clubs

Having a baby brings many changes. It's the most amazing yet challenging time for a woman. It is important to surround yourself with people who boost your confidence and support you. The Babies in Waiting Mother and Baby Clubs are designed to create a network of Mummy support. A block of four sessions is £50 which includes your confidence boosting audio and Mother and Baby Club journal. You will meet other new Mums and learn relaxation and bonding techniques for both you and baby.